GORUCK Wire Dopp Review

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Let’s review the Wire Dopps from GORUCK.

If you love to travel with plenty of gadgets and wires, or you are someone whose work involves going to different places carrying your laptop and all its accessories, then a Wire Dopp is a must for you. This simple pouch with a simple design is made to keep your tech essentials secure and convenient for everyday carry (EDC) and travel.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Mini Versus Standard Review
GORUCK Wire Dopp Mini is on the left – it’s half the size of the Standard. The Wire Dopp Mini has two zippered storage areas and measures 4.5″ x 9.75″ when closed. It has two compartments that measure 3.25″ x 9.75″. These Wire Dopps use YKK zippers with color-coded 550 cord pulls for straightforward access. They are made from tough as nails 1000D CORDURA® for reliable durability and inner mesh for content visibility.

There are two sizes – Mini and Standard. Which is right for you? That’s what we’re going to talk about.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 33
Zippered storage is what we’re here for… and these Dopps deliver.

(Spoiler alert: for most people, the Standard is going to be more practical – the Mini is very small.)

Get it now from GORUCK:

Wire Dopp Standard (Black) Wire Dopp Standard - This is our recommendation. The standard has significantly more room than the mini, and quite frankly, isn't overly large. This is the one to get for most purposes.
Wire Dopp Mini (Black) Wire Dopp Mini - This size has all the great features of the Standard (buckle closure, zippered storage, patch hook and loop, mesh pockets, YKK zippers, etc.) but given the size (about 1/2 the Standard) there just isn't nearly as much usable space.

Wire Dopps from GORUCK – Overview

You no longer have to worry about your wires looped and twisted inside your bag. The Wire Dopps from GORUCK can systematically keep your earbuds, charging cable, and adapter bits for your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or music device. You can then store the Wire Dopps into the exterior slant pocket or the interior mesh pocket of your ruck for highly organized yet readily accessible carry convenience.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 31
Here’s the Mini – crammed full of some Mac / iPhone travel essentials. It’s a snug fit for the USB-C charging brick – but hey – the zipper closed and that’s what counts.

These Wire Dopps have a simple folding design with a 2×3 inch patch-friendly VELCRO® on the front. Both the standard and the mini versions have a single buckle closure for a secure hold. The Wire Dopp Standard has three zippered storage areas and measures 8.5″ x 9.5″ when closed. The large compartment measures 8″ x 9.25″ and the small compartments measure 4.5″ x 7.5″.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 36
Up your Dopp game with the Standard size and you’ll have even more secure storage – with room to spare.

The Wire Dopp Mini has two zippered storage areas and measures 4.5″ x 9.75″ when closed. It has two compartments that measure 3.25″ x 9.75″. These Wire Dopps use YKK zippers with color-coded 550 cord pulls for straightforward access. They are made from solid 1000D CORDURA® for reliable durability and inner mesh for content visibility.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 10
Zippered mesh pockets – see what you’ve got – at a glance. My only beef is that it’s black mesh with a black background. It’s not much of a contrast considering most wires/cables/chargers are very dark in color.

Wire Dopps from GORUCK – Features

Let’s take a visual tour.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Mini Versus Standard Review
Here’s both Dopps with a patch on them. Both are made from 1000D Cordura – which is tough – and heavy.

Half the fun of GORUCK stuff is customizing it with patches. And for that purpose we’ve got a morale patch sized hook and loop spot – of course:

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 15
Patches with witty sayings go here …
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 40
… or use the stock ‘Murica spearheads from GORUCK. Patch on! Take a gander at the super-tough 1000D Cordura while you are here… it is GORUCK’s favorite material.

Once you’ve stuff this thing full, you can use the buckle closure to keep it strapped down.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 42
Buckle closure is adjustable.

Previous iterations of this product were made in the USA – but the current ones are made in Vietnam. I’ve had no (Zero-zilch-nada) quality issues with my GORUCK gear that is made in Vietnam.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 08
Where do they make these? ‘Nam. Complain if you like, but a lot of GORUCK’s gear got a lot more affordable with that change of venue…

All right, let’s look at the zippered storage already.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 06
GORUCK uses high-quality YKK zippers – as they do on all their gear.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 09
On the Mini one of the storage pockets is divided in two (despite having one zipper).
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 27
This Mac USB-C power brick is a tight fit in the mini – but it does fit.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 26
See? It fits AND the zipper closes – but it’s tight.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 34
In comparison the zippered storage areas on the Standard are much bigger.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 43
Standard fits everything I need, plus a bulky Thunderbolt 4 dongle that wouldn’t fit anywhere in the Mini.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 32
Mini – Closed and buckled.
GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 37
Standard – loaded up and buckled.

Wire Dopps from GORUCK – In Summary

That’s our close-up look at the Standard and Mini Wire Dopps from GORUCK.

Wire Dopps from GORUCK are made to keep all your tech essentials but are not limited to such. They can also be used to keep your toiletries, cards, cash, keys, or whatever you want to put in. GORUCK is known for its rugged gear and the SCARS Lifetime Guarantee, so you can be sure these Wire Dopps will last long.

We think most people will be best off with the Standard size – it has a lot more usable space.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 23
The winner? The GORUCK Wire Dopp Standard. It’s got a lot more usable space.

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GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 28
This bulky Thunderbolt 4 dongle won’t fit in the Mini.

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GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 03
Here they are – stacked on top of one another, in case you need more of an understanding of the dimensions.

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GORUCK Wire Dopp Standard
GORUCK Wire Dopp Standard