GORUCK Sandbag 2.0 60 filler

GORUCK Sandbags 2.0

GORUCK has evolved the design of their excellent workout sand bag – here’s the new Sandbags 2.0. A sandbag is a training tool for strength, power, fitness, and conditioning workout. It builds stability and grip strength and improves your sports performance. It is adaptable and versatile and can be used almost anywhere—at your home, garage, outdoors, or commercial gym. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Sandbags 2.0 – Overview What’s new to the GORUCK Sandbags? They now have a triple locking velcro closure system, which is an improvement from the earlier versions with only a double closure. This and the additional bartacks prevent sand leakage and seam failure and fortify stress points. These upgrades [Read more …]