GORUCK 24.7 Simple Shorts - 10 worn athlete 2

GORUCK Frogskin Camo

GORUCK has a new camo pattern for some of their apparel. The GORUCK Frogskin Camo is a throwback to a classic 1940s look. GORUCK presents a new camo pattern on some of their clothing to pump up your rucking and training. GORUCK is known for making indestructible and tough apparel, gear, and footwear for tough and unimaginable workouts. Check out some of them! Get Frogskin – only from GORUCK: GORUCK Frogskin Camo – Overview The Frog skin camo highlights five colors and depicts the first shot at “disruptive coloration”, a kind of camouflage that utilizes extremely opposite shapes and patterns to divide the outlines of the wearer or vehicle. Frog skin is also known as M1942, which refers to the [Read more …]

GORUCK Sand Kettlebells 18lbs with an athlete

GORUCK Sand Kettlebells

Have more fun at the beach with these Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK. Sand kettlebells are far much safer than iron kettlebells. They are better for novices and help you shift from traditional weightlifting to high-intensity, functional training. They are easy to store, easy to use, won’t damage your floor, and can be used in the backyard or garage. A full range of Kettlebell sizes, from GORUCK: Sand Kettlebells – Overview The sand kettlebells from GORUCK are made from 1000D Cordura and are always ready for a workout with their reinforced, double pass stitching at every seam, heavy-duty padded handles, and reinforced ballistic bottom. The heavy-duty padded handle is not rubberized, with reinforced neoprene padding sewn into each of them. The [Read more …]