GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Black + Coyote worn by an athlete 3

Jedburgh Rucking Boots – Black + Coyote

The Jedburgh Rucking Boots from GORUCK are now available in Black + Coyote – for a sharp contrasting look. Jedburgh Rucking Boots highlight an all-new, versatile performance upper on the same reliable foundation of GORUCK’s classic rucking boot – MACV-1. These boots have a durable yet lightweight EVA midsole and all-terrain outsole that shines in all types of terrain. Get the Jedburgh rucking boot – only from GORUCK: Jedburgh Rucking Boots – Black + Coyote – Overview The Deception Canvas that Jedburgh Rucking Boots utilize has three times greater tear strength and is hugely more abrasion resistant than standard canvas with a much higher tensile strength. Traditional canvas takes five times longer to dry and more than doubles in weight [Read more …]

GORUCK x Uncharted essentials

GORUCK x Uncharted

New GR1 just dropped – check out the GORUCK x Uncharted. What is it? It’s a bundle – a GR1 rucksack and a great first aid kit. GORUCK partnered with Uncharted Supply Co, makers of the most comprehensive survival systems on the market, to bring an amazing survival bundle to handle any kind of emergency. Uncharted Supply Co. interviewed more than 100 outdoor specialists to know what they carried with them daily. The result is a collection of first aid essentials packed into a water-resistant pouch that fits in your pocket. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: GORUCK x Uncharted – Overview The GORUCK x Uncharted comes in two rucksacks of your choice—the GR1 or [Read more …]

GORUCK Bullet 15L - Carryology Kaidan v2.0 carried

Bullet 15L – Carryology Kaidan v2.0

Let’s take a look at the Bullet 15L – Carryology Kaidan v2.0 from GORUCK. Your day adventure is made easier and lighter with the Bullet 15L. It is created as an active 15L dayruck and is made simple, streamlined, and tough. The Bullet 15L is included in the GORUCK x Carryology Kaidan 2.0 collection. The Kaidan bags from GORUCK are the Cadillac of rucksacks. They are rarely available, but you can check now: Bullet 15L – Carryology Kaidan v2.0 – Overview We’ve reviewed the Bullet size rucksack before – but this is a new iteration – with a significant new material. Built out of VX21, the Bullet 15L is lightweight and streamlined, providing an easy stash and go. It is [Read more …]

GORUCK Bullet 15L worn by an athlete

New Bullet 15L Colors – Orange Interior and Desert Tiger Stripe

Let’s take a look at the Newest Bullet 15L Colors. Built as an active 15L day ruck, the Bullet is the answer if you want to just toss your stuff and go. It can also be a second backpack or a great starting point for rucking at lighter loads up to 40 LBS. It uses a new fabric that will allow you to wear it shirtless without any pain. Get these while they last – from GORUCK: New Bullet 15L Colors – Overview The Bullet 15L is a tearaway ruck for essentials that fit inside the GR2 or GR3. It fits the 10LB, 20LB, and 30LB Ruck Plates (for Rucker) or (for GR1) in the plate pocket, making it perfect [Read more …]

GORUCK Training Weight Vest with an athlete 2

GORUCK Training Weight Vest for Fitness

Sometimes you want extra resistance for your workout – and you are not looking for storage (like a backpack or rucksack). The GORUCK Training Weight Vest might be just what you need. It let’s you use your ruck plates and ruck weights for extra resistance, with less bulk (and expense). A weight vest is a great tool that adds resistance and weight to workouts to increase the challenge. Using it increases the stress placed on your body to promote muscle growth. It also helps increase cardiovascular capacity, lose weight, improve bone density, build strength and endurance, improve core strength and posture, and many more. Get it now, from GORUCK: GORUCK Training Weight Vest – Overview One of the most significant [Read more …]