GORUCK Training Weight Vest with an athlete 2

GORUCK Training Weight Vest for Fitness

Sometimes you want extra resistance for your workout – and you are not looking for storage (like a backpack or rucksack). The GORUCK Training Weight Vest might be just what you need. It let’s you use your ruck plates and ruck weights for extra resistance, with less bulk (and expense). A weight vest is a great tool that adds resistance and weight to workouts to increase the challenge. Using it increases the stress placed on your body to promote muscle growth. It also helps increase cardiovascular capacity, lose weight, improve bone density, build strength and endurance, improve core strength and posture, and many more. Get it now, from GORUCK: GORUCK Training Weight Vest – Overview One of the most significant [Read more …]

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Low Top worn by an athlete 2

Ballistic Trainers in Green

Need a shoe for tough cross training workouts? (Like CrossFit?) Be sure to take a look at the excellent Ballistic Trainers in Green – new from GORUCK. Combining with the proven science of proper underfoot support, the Ballistic Trainers™ was built by taking everything that works (and nothing that doesn’t) about existing functional fitness shoes. These shoes are the best workout shoes for men and women and are the new standard in functional fitness footwear with 3X Support™ and 3X Stability for all three of your arches. The Ballistic Trainer is GORUCK’s shoe for the gym – or outdoors: Ballistic Trainers in Green – Overview One of the reasons why this trainer is durable is because of its engineered warp [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Training Sandbags 60 used by an athlete

Sandbags from GORUCK

Let’s take a look at the Sandbags from GORUCK. Sand bags let you get a great workout anywhere. GORUCK is proud to offer their toughest training sandbags that are streamlined for simplicity, versatility, and efficiency. They are the perfect tool whether you are just getting started with sandbag training or looking to equip your home gym. From GORUCK: Sandbags from GORUCK – Overview Simple Sandbags have a triple locking velcro closure system, an upgrade from earlier versions with only a double closure. The sandbags utilize heavy-duty padded handles with neoprene padding that provides a more secure and comfortable grip that you can hold longer. This ensures sand will not escape. They also have double pass stitching at every seam and [Read more …]

GORUCK Sand Kettlebells 18lbs with an athlete

GORUCK Sand Kettlebells

Have more fun at the beach with these Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK. Sand kettlebells are far much safer than iron kettlebells. They are better for novices and help you shift from traditional weightlifting to high-intensity, functional training. They are easy to store, easy to use, won’t damage your floor, and can be used in the backyard or garage. A full range of Kettlebell sizes, from GORUCK: Sand Kettlebells – Overview The sand kettlebells from GORUCK are made from 1000D Cordura and are always ready for a workout with their reinforced, double pass stitching at every seam, heavy-duty padded handles, and reinforced ballistic bottom. The heavy-duty padded handle is not rubberized, with reinforced neoprene padding sewn into each of them. The [Read more …]