GORUCK Ruck Rain Cover black front

GORUCK Rain Cover

The GORUCK line of rucksacks are NOT water proof. So let’s take a look at the Ruck Rain Cover. GORUCK rucksacks are water resistant, but to make them entirely waterproof, the Ruck Rain Cover is the answer. This adds an extra layer of protection when rucking or traveling in unfamiliar places and unpredictable weather. The GORUCK bags can resist splashes and short, light rainfall – but anything involving extended time frames is gonna soak the interior. GORUCK rain cover: Ruck Rain Cover – Overview Take your Rain Cover out and pull it over your ruck to make it 100% waterproof and protect your ruck from the elements when rucking or on a hike. It is lightweight, tearproof, packable to the [Read more …]

Mystery Ranch Blitz 30 Pack Forest laptop sleeve

Blitz 30 Packs from Mystery Ranch

Let’s take a look at the Blitz 30 Packs from Mystery Ranch. The Blitz 30 Pack has plenty of innovative design features making it a very versatile backpack. It is ideal for various missions with its loop-lined laptop sleeve, internal bottle pockets, and an attached admin lid with work-rich features. It is a compact pack with all the necessary attributes for everyday needs. From Mystery Ranch: Blitz 30 Packs – Overview The Blitz 30 Pack is made from durable 500D CORDURA┬« fabric and hardware options incorporated with functional elements and clever organization. It has a low-profile, removable webbing waist belt that lets you access it when you want it or keep it streamlined. You get quick access through the body [Read more …]