GORUCK Simple Training Sandbags 60lb

Simple Training Sandbags from GORUCK

Sandbags are a simple, but effective workout option. Here’s the new Simple Training Sandbags from GORUCK. The Simple Sandbags are streamlined yet are the toughest sandbags ever built. They are the perfect equipment whether you are just starting with sandbag training or want to furnish your home gym. You can do tons of movements with it—from deadlifts, cleans, and squats to push press and rows. Get them now, only from GORUCK: Simple Training Sandbags – Overview The previous version of the Simple Training Sandbags used only a double closure. This time, the latest version has an upgraded triple locking velcro closure system to ensure sand will not spill. These sandbags have a double pass stitching at every seam (this needs [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 92

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review

GORUCK makes the Rucker even better with the new Rucker 4.0. Here’s our HANDS ON REVIEW. Here’s some of the gear you can get now from GORUCK. NOTE: These are shipping mid-March. Let’s take a look. GORUCK Rucker 4 Hands On Review What’s new? The good news is they’ve kept all the features you loved from the Rucker 3.0 That means the improved framesheet, the handles, the reflective stripe, the lumbar support – and perhaps best of all – that non-abrasive back panel and shoulder straps. But – they took the toughness further by minimizing the use of zippers in the 4.0. That’s right – the interior zippers are gone – and replaced by hook and loop (aka Velcro). They’ve [Read more …]